Trans Rights

Trans men and men. Trans women are women. Such a simple statement can be so divisive.

Can be weaponised.

Trans rights are under attack in the United Kingdom.

For every item sold in the remainder of 2022, from the 6th August, we will donate at least* 20p split equally between Mermaids and Stonewall.

We will be introducing a new transgender product line and wearing them proud in our daily lives.

If you need support, get in touch. Behind this business are people. We’re here for you. We care for you. We love you. Infact, heres an email address just for you:

Talk to us about your experiences. Tell us what more we can do to help.

*When we say at least, we mean it. When we say we’ll plant at least 5000 trees per year, we’ve planted 10,000. Fuck those who oppress your rights. We stand with you.

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